Tuesday, January 6, 2009

M Com 320

I promised myself I would never be a "blogger". But I now see my true colors, that I am motivated by grades and self gratification and not by freedom and liberty. The funny thing is that I tell myself that I will immediately cancel this blog after the semester is over, but chances are that I might actually like it and continue writing on it. (when I am referring to a blog is it "in it" or "on it", there should be some sort of blogging etiquette).
anyways, since my new love is poetry. I will attempt to write a weekly poem for my blog, along with a number of other things.
Here is the first:
Thou Blog
a poem by Jona Ashcroft

thou blog,
how I rue thee...
thou blog,
how i love thee...
oh thou blog,
some day we will be together.

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