Tuesday, January 20, 2009


It's late right now but i wanted to post this before i forget too much of it. So part of this whole blogging thing is that for class, we had to buy a soda for someone that we didn't know and then write about it. Let me tell you about my experience; by mine own genius and from the situation that I put myself into, i was able to make the situation just a slight more awkward than it really had to be, which i am fine with. I'm with my friend after we had played a game of racquetball and we are filling up our drinks in 711. A homeless guy i was going to buy a drink for had disappeared so i had to act fast. A person was walking up to the cashier with some goodies so I walked up (without my drink because i hadn't filled it yet) and said "hey man, um...this is going to sound really weird but i really want to buy that for you." and he was like, "ehhh...." with a very skewed face so i chipped in with " will you allow me to do that?" as i started to swipe my debit card. Both the cashier, myself, and this person whom we will call Brian Carl Justice (i have no idea the odds that this is his name) stood there as i put in my code and i said 'have a good night' and walked away to fill my drink. I don't think he felt any gratitude at all, just weirdness....which was completely fine with me because i hadn't done it for charity anyways (which i wish i had, and not just for an assignment). If we're talking about themes, one in particular from the Alanis Morresette song comes to mind when she asked 'isn't it ironic?' what is ironic is that the homeless man walked out of the bathroom after this whole ordeal...