Monday, February 9, 2009

White man will come as the stars in the sky...

wow, my blog is a little late this week. If i had to rank myself as a "blogger" i would say i am moderate. which would convert to about a B on a conversion chart, or 5.67 if you are looking at a chart being converted from Japanese. Out of all the things I suddenly want to mention, the most important has to be that I watched "Dances with Wolves" on cable television the other day. Is there a better movie? I think not. I mention that I saw it, with a voice of warning to the two people that probably read this blog. Don't start watching it unless you are prepared to give 3 hours of your life to a story about love, tragedy, happiness, calamity, Native American aggression, and a profound respect for nature. I fell victim...(why did they have to kill two socks at the end, but because I took a film class last semester I have an answer; it was a symbolic meaning of the Indian way of life dying. I asked that question as a hypothetical question if you didn't catch on quickly). No poem this week, instead I'm going to give you a topic to ponder about the movie 'Dances with Wolves'.

What will become of "stands with a fist"?? Will she successfully integrate into society? Write your thoughts on paper and give it to someone you care about.


  1. I was looking forward to those words,
    Each week a new adventure into Jona's head,
    They fly in and perch just like a bird,
    They make me sleepy and with i was in bed
    Jona, tell me another story
    Take it from your inventory!