Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What's your name? Sub-par at best...

this is sort of a catchup blog. So the two people that probably read this blog will now have twice the excitement, twice the amount of tears, and twice the reason to think I'm lame.
This week I was thinking about cool names that people have, and consequences associated with their names. Someone that has a cool name will hear their name being said to them at least 4x the amount of a normal name, or even a sub-par name (i'm trying to think of an example, let's say....Mace, sub-par at best)
let me show you....

" Dendrigold, were you able to get a hold of Percy, Dendrigold? Dendrigold, you are so charming sometimes, Dendrigold. yes you are Dendrigold."

See! notice that because this person has an awesome name like Dendrigold, the name was said at least 4x the normal amount.
okay, now look at the same sentence with a different name.

"Walter, were you able to get a hold of Percy? Seriously, you're way lame. If I had it my way, you would die at sea. That's right, either de-hydration or shark attack. Never talk to me again."

I didn't think the experiment would work this well, but causality has been established from the results. Notice that the name Dendrigold was said 5 times, and Walter only once. My math my be off, but that is approximately 10 times more! I should also note that whoever was speaking to Dendrigold, was at least 5 times nicer to him than he was to Walter ( he had good reason though, who wants to talk to a Walter? not me). In conclusion, a name can go a long way. You will have more confidence and will be better liked by your peers.

Here's a poem, just because...

What if my girlfriend had a whip for an arm?
(dedicated to Tyler Owens)
a poem by Jona Ashcroft

What if my girlfriend had a whip for an arm?
How funny would that be?
Would it hurt me, or cause me harm?
Would I trip, and not be able to see?

What if my friend had a hammer for a foot?
Then would you be impressed?
Think of if he kicked you, man would that hurt (said in a british accent, so it rhymes)?
There would be nails everywhere, would he be obsessed?

What if your mom had a can opener hand?
Would anyone go hungry again?
Apricots, pumpkin filling, even cans that are banned?
You'd be her biggest fan?

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