Sunday, February 1, 2009

Complaints, and a red nose

well i am now partaking in my weekly blog writing, which i will still point out, is a burden...but i still do enjoy it to a reasonable point. I have been studying grammer for a couple hours so this blog will either be extremely primped to the likings of a writer, or it will be the complete opposite in spite. I'll admit that I'm trying to make it look as pretty as I can, but ill use the excuse of 'spite' just because I put it in as a defensive technique. Because I am in a complaining mood, i will take a few minutes to complain about things that have either been on my mind, or that will enter my mind as I begin the complaining process. I'm sick, the cardinals lost, people that talk while a professor is speaking/teaching, lamo girls, people that tap or kick the back of your chair, I've blown my nose like 30 times today, my finger is still broken, I get cold at night sometimes. There, I complained. I honestly thought I would be able to complain for a lot longer than that but once I started listing things, I could only think of how much i loved ibuprofen....weird.

Here's a poem just because...

My Nose is Red
a poem by Jona Ashcroft

My nose is red
that's what i said
my nose is red

My nose is red
It blows my head
my nose is red

My nose is red
Don't ruin my cred
my nose is red

My rose is red
My dad's name is ted
what a lame poem...

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